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What are Gift Points On Prestmit?
What are Gift Points On Prestmit?
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Gift points are like rewards on Prestmit. Users may receive rewards for performing certain actions and carrying out transactions within the platform. Users can also be rewarded with points manually by Prestmit.

In turn, users can redeem these gift points for real money. Continue reading to learn more.

About Gift Points Wallet

Every user has a gift points wallet which can be accessed by going to Wallets > Gift Points. If you are using the mobile app and you can't see this, it means you need to update your app.

The wallet shows your gift points balance, your gift points history (which includes gift points you've earned and redeemed), and the option to redeem the gift points for cash.

How Users Get Gift Points

Several actions can add gift points to users' gift points balance. At the moment:

  1. When you carry out gift card transactions, you get 1 gift point for every 20 Naira. For gift card transactions that are not in Naira, we use the Naira equivalent to calculate the corresponding gift points.

  2. When you carry out crypto transactions, you get 10 gift points for every dollar.

  3. When you sign up on Prestmit, you get 2000 gift points.

  4. When you complete KYC on Prestmit, you get 5000 gift points.

  5. When you refer another user, you get 3000 gift points.

  6. Admin can manually reward you with gift points e.g if you win a giveaway.

  7. And much more...

Whenever you earn gift points, you will be notified and you will also see it in your gift points wallet history.

We will also keep adding more ways to earn gift points and inform you in the future.

Redeeming Gift Points For Cash

You can always redeem your gift points balance to your Naira or Cedis wallet.

At the moment, 10 gift points = 1 Naira or the Cedis equivalent. Meaning, if you have 20,000 gift points, you can redeem it for 2,000 Naira to your Naira wallet, or 19 Cedis (At the current Cedis rate) to your Cedis wallet.

There’s a minimum amount of gift points you can redeem. You will see this on the gift points redemption page. This means, if minimum redeemable gift points amount is 10000, you won't be able to redeem less than 10000 at a time.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our support.

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